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Table 3141

Format of DISKMON.INI file:
Offset	Size	Description	)
-6Ch 108 BYTEs	(in memory copy only)
		list of filenames which are always protected:
 00h	BYTE	??? always 01h
 01h	BYTE	disk light (00h off, 01h on)
 02h	BYTE	disk protection (00h off, 01h on)
 03h	BYTE	protected areas
		01h system area
		02h files
		03h system area and files
		04h entire disk
 04h	BYTE	floppy access (00h not allowed, 01h allowed)
 05h 27 BYTEs	filename extension list (9 entries)
		(lowercase, blank padded or = 000000h)
 20h 240 BYTEs	filename list (20 entries)
		(lowercase, name and extension blank padded, with '.')
Note:	CX:0508h -> copy in installed TSR (v5)
	CX:052Fh -> copy in installed TSR (v6)
	CX:04E0h -> copy in installed TSR (v7-v8)

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