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Table 3740

Values for 10NET status:
 0000h	successful
 01FFh	"RTO_NERR" transmit interrupt lost (time out on response)
 02FFh	"NET_NERR" network (hardware) error
 03FFh	"PAS_NERR" invalid password
 04FFh	"LRN_NERR" local resource not available
 05FFh	"SRN_NERR" server resource not available
 06FFh	"LNM_NERR" already logged in under different name
 07FFh	"LSF_NERR" login security failure (node)
 08FFh	"NLI_NERR" not logged in
 09FFh	"DIVZ_NERR" position calc error
 0AFFh	"NT1_NERR" receive subfunction not = send subfunction (i.e. read,write)
 0BFFh	"RFNC_NERR" request function not in range
 0CFFh	"NSFH_NERR" no more server file handle entries left
 0DFFh	"NFTAB_NERR" no more shared file table entries left
 0EFFh	"NUFH_NERR" no more user file handle entries left
 0FFFh	"CHAT_NERR" chat permit not on
 10FFh	"NSRV_NERR" not a server on request
 11FFh	"NOBD_NERR" no transporter board error
 12FFh	"STO_NERR" time out on send
 13FFh	"INF_NERR" item not found (spool item not on queue)
 14FFh	"DACS_NERR" DOS access incompatible
 15FFh	"RLOCK_NERR" record already locked
 16FFh	"IVP_NERR" invalid parameter
 17FFh	"RLTO_NERR" record lock time out error
 18FFh	"CSPL_NERR" currently spooling to named device
 19FFh	"DRP_NERR" dropped receive message (throttle)
 1AFFh	"SOPV_NERR" open sharing violation
 1BFFh	"NTUF_NERR" no more tuf entries left
 1CFFh	"NOWN_NERR" not file owner on open
 1DFFh	"RSEC_NERR" read security not passed
 1EFFh	"WSEC_NERR" write security not passed
 1FFFh	"GSEC_NERR" group security not passed
 20FFh	"SEC1_NERR" security file failure
 21FFh	"ACT1_NERR" activity file failure
 22FFh	"SPL1_NERR" spool control file failure
 23FFh	"NMT_NERR" device not mounted (spooling)
 24FFh	"RSPL_NERR" spool file has not been terminated
 25FFh	"DNSH_NERR" device not mounted or is not being shared
 26FFh	"DUP_NERR" duplicate node ID
 27FFh	"FNF_NERR" file not found error
 28FFh	"NMF_NERR" no more files
 29FFh	"UN_NERR" unknown internal system error
 2AFFh	"QCP_NERR" print queue is full or corrupted
 2BFFh	"IFNC_NERR" invalid function
 2CFFh	"IVH_NERR" invalid handle
 2DFFh	"TOF_NERR" too many files opened
 2EFFh	"PNF_NERR" path not found
 2FFFh	"SACT_NERR" named file is active
---10NET v5.0+ ---
 30FFh	"NAK_NERR" received NAK on send (destination out of buffers)
 31FFh	"RENT_NERR" reentrancy in driver F_SEND
 32FFh	"RECV_NERR" driver could not be put in receive mode
 33FFh	"NRLT_NERR" no more RLTAB entries left
 34FFh	"DIAL_NERR" function requires an unsupported dialect
 35FFh	"IVD_NERR" invalid device
 36FFh	"NALV_NERR" netname access level violated
 37FFh	"NPIDNF_NERR" network path not found
 38FFh	"SP_NERR" server is paused
 39FFh	"TMNM_NERR" too many remote user names
 3AFFh	"DUPD_NERR" duplicate network device
 3BFFh	"DIU_NERR" shared device in use, can't delete
 3CFFh	"NNWD_NERR" network name was deleted
 3DFFh	"NPFS_NERR" not enough space for print file
 3EFFh	"NNNF_NERR" network name not found (can't find the call name)
 3FFFh	"NB_NERR" network busy
 40FFh	"NDNLE_NERR" network device no longer exists
 41FFh	"NBCLE_NERR" NetBIOS command limit exceeded
 42FFh	"FINT24_NERR" Fail on INT 24h
 43FFh	"PEXP_NERR" password expired
 44FFh	"NPUP_NERR" new password error
 45FFh	"MAXS_NERR" maximum allowed disk space exceeded
 46FFh	"TDOW_NERR" time-of-day/day-of-week error
SeeAlso: #03767
Index:	error codes;10Net|10Net;error codes

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