Format of DOS 3.0 system file tables and FCB tables:
Offset	Size	Description	)
 00h	DWORD	pointer to next file table (offset FFFFh if last)
 04h	WORD	number of files in this table
 06h  38h bytes per file
	Offset	Size	Description
	 00h-1Eh as for DOS 3.1+ (see #01641)
	 1Fh	WORD	byte offset of directory entry within sector
	 21h 11 BYTEs	filename in FCB format (no path/period, blank-padded)
	 2Ch	DWORD	(SHARE.EXE) pointer to previous SFT sharing same file
	 30h	WORD	(SHARE.EXE) network machine number which opened file
			(Windows Enhanced mode DOSMGR uses the virtual machine
			  ID as the machine number; see INT 2F/AX=1683h)
	 32h	WORD	PSP segment of file's owner (first three entries for
			  AUX/CON/PRN contain segment of IO.SYS startup code)
	 34h	WORD	(SHARE.EXE) offset in SHARE code seg of share record
	 36h	WORD	??? apparently always 0000h
SeeAlso: #01639,#01641,#01642