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Table 2739

Values for Novell DOS 7 EMM386 function status:
 0000h	successful
 0001h	not implemented
 0002h	invalid subfunction
 0003h	unable to find memory
 0004h	invalid flag (semaphore) number
 0005h	flag (semaphore) overrun
 0006h	flag (semaphore) underrun
 0007h	no queue handles available
 0009h	no queue buffers available
 000Ah	queue is in use
 000Bh	invalid process handle
 000Ch	no process handles available
 000Dh	queue access not permitted
 000Eh	queue is empty
 000Fh	queue is full
 0012h	no memory handles available
 0014h	can't find process in process list
 001Bh	invalid memory handle
 0023h	unable to terminate process
 002Ah	flag set ignored
 002Dh	no more system flags
 002Eh	flag (semaphore) not in idle state
 002Fh	flag (semaphore) wait timed out
 0030h	bad module number in CL
 0031h	bad descriptor
	invalid value for DESC_PB_SINFO in a descriptor parameter block
 0032h	no free descriptors
 0033h	error while locking/unlocking a page
 0034h	error getting or setting a page
 0035h	no pages available
 0036h	invalid domain
 0037h	process already frozen
 0038h	process not frozen
 0039h	fork failure (no registered swaplist)
 003Ah	page already free
 003Bh	page already allocated
 003Ch	unable to switch tasks
 003Dh	attempted to free critical section which is not active
 003Eh	too many active critical sections
 003Fh	???
 41FFh	current domain is invalid, or no domain in context
 42FFh	domain ID is not a valid descriptor
 43FFh	domain creation still in progress
 44FFh	domain currently being deleted
 45FFh	task manager is busy, cannot unload it
 46FFh	task manager already loaded
 47FFh	task manager not yet loaded
 48FFh	cannot save/restore because prior switch not complete
 49FFh	console already has owner
 4BFFh	unsupported opcode
 4CFFh	32-bit address prefix not supported
 4FFFh	timeout, but not on timer queue
 50FFh	unable to lock timer queue
 53FFh	unable to switch while in Global Message Mode
 54FFh	error while setting Global Message Mode
 55FFh	not in Global Message Mode
 56FFh	system already in Domain Message Mode
 57FFh	not in Domain Message Mode
 58FFh	unable to allocate timeout structure
 59FFh	unsupported video type
 5AFFh	function not handled by any VM
 5BFFh	error in Serial..Set call
 5CFFh	error in Parallel..Set call
 5DFFh	domain list overflowed
 5FFFh	unable to free domain while in nobuffers mode

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