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Table 1739

Format of LANtastic active user entry:
Offset	Size	Description	)
 00h	WORD	virtual circuit number
 02h	BYTE	login state (see #01740)
 03h	BYTE	last command issued (see #01741)
 04h  5 BYTEs	number of I/O bytes (40-bit unsigned number)
 09h  3 BYTEs	number of server requests (24-bit unsigned)
 0Ch 16 BYTEs	name of user who is logged in
 1Ch 16 BYTEs	name of remote logged in machine
 2Ch	BYTE	extended privileges (v4+???)
		bit 0: user cannot change his password
 2Dh	WORD	time left in minutes (0000h = unlimited) (v4+???)

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