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Table 2938

Format of FaxBIOS STAT_FAXBIOS_GET command buffer:
Offset	Size	Description	)
 00h 12 BYTEs	common data (see #02935)
 0Ch	WORD	status ID
 0Eh	WORD	currenty FaxBIOS function number
 10h	WORD	current Client ID being serviced
 12h	WORD	number of things to do
 14h	WORD	number of them done
 16h	WORD	number of pages to do (if any)
 18h	WORD	number of them done
 1Ah	WORD	number of files to do
 1Ch	WORD	number of them done
 1Eh 80 BYTEs	current File
 6Eh	WORD	0 if all devices are idle
 70h	WORD	number of fascimiles transmitted
 72h	WORD	number of fascimiles received
 74h	WORD	status of last transmission in system
 76h	WORD	envelope ID of last transmission
 78h	WORD	index of last destination in envelope
 7Ah	WORD	status of last reception in system
 7Ch	DWORD	time of next transmission
 80h  6 BYTEs	future expansion
 86h	WORD	structure size

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