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Table 2638

Format of TSR-to-Windows information structure:
Offset	Size	Description	)
 00h	DWORD	pointer to next structure
 04h	WORD	PSP segment
 06h	WORD	API version ID (0100h)
 08h	WORD	EXEC flags (how to load command specified by "exec_cmd")
		bit 0: "WINEXEC"
		bit 1: "LOADLIBRARY"
		bit 2: "OPENDRIVER"
 0Ah	WORD	"exec_cmd_show" (see #02639)
 0Ch	DWORD	"exec_cmd" pointer to command line to be executed
 10h  4 BYTEs	reserved (0)
 14h	DWORD	pointer to TSR ID block (see #02640)
 18h	DWORD	pointer to TSR data block or 0000h:0000h

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