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Table 4037

Values for DR "execute DOS-compatible function" function number:
 00h	"fd_getdpb"	get disk information (see also INT 21/AH=32h)
 01h	"fd_mkdir"	create directory (see also INT 21/AH=39h)
 02h	"fd_rmdir"	remove directory (see also INT 21/AH=3Ah)
 03h	"fd_chdir"	change directory (see also INT 21/AH=3Bh)
 04h	"fd_creat"	create file (see also INT 21/AH=3Ch)
 05h	"fd_open"	open existing file (see also INT 21/AH=3Dh)
 06h	"fd_close"	close file (see also INT 21/AH=3Eh)
 07h	"fd_read"	read from file (see also INT 21/AH=3Fh)
 08h	"fd_write"	write to file (see also INT 21/AH=40h)
 09h	"fd_delete"	delete file (see also INT 21/AH=41h)
 0Ah	"fd_lseek"	get/set file position (see also INT 21/AH=42h)
 0Bh	"fd_chmod"	get/set file attributes (see also INT 21/AH=43h)
 0Ch	"fd_curdir"	get current directory (see also INT 21/AH=47h)
 0Dh	"fd_sfirst"	find first matching file (see also INT 21/AH=4Eh)
 0Eh	"fd_snext"	find next matching file (see also INT 21/AH=4Fh)
 0Fh	"fd_rename"	rename file (see also INT 21/AH=56h)
 10h	"fd_gsfdate"	get/set file date (see also INT 21/AX=5700h)
 11h	"fd_mktemp"	make temporary file (see also INT 21/AH=5Ah)
 12h	"fd_mknew"	create new file (see also INT 21/AH=5Bh)
 13h	"fd_lock"	lock/unlock file data (see also INT 21/AH=5Ch)
 14h	"fd_dup"	duplicate file handle (see also INT 21/AH=45h)
 15h	"fd_dup2"	force duplicate file handle (see also INT 21/AH=46h)
 16h-19h ???
 1Ah	"fd_ioctl"	I/O control emulation
 1Bh	"fd_commit"	commit file to disk (see also INT 21/AH=68h)
 1Ch	"fd_expand"	expand file name (see also INT 21/AH=60h)
 1Dh	???
 1Eh	???
 1Fh	"fd_sethandles" set number of handles for calling process
SeeAlso: #04038

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