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Table 3437

Format of VINES enumerate block:
Offset	Size	Description	)
 00h	WORD	return code
 02h	WORD	pointer to pattern string
 04h	WORD	enumerate type
		0064h (100) organization
		00C8h (200) group
		012Ch (300) item
 06h	WORD	enumerate class
		0000h unspecified (return all matching items)
		0001h user names
		0002h service names
		0003h list names
		0004h nicknames
 08h	WORD	pointer to category criteria block (see #03438) or 0
 0Ah	WORD	pointer to array of 64-byte returned names
 0Ch	WORD	number of names returned
 0Eh  6 BYTEs	reserved for subsequent enumerated calls (set to zeros on first
SeeAlso: #03436

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