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Table 2937

Format of FaxBIOS STAT_IO_GET command buffer:
Offset	Size	Description	)
 00h 12 BYTEs	common data (see #02935)
 0Ch	WORD	device number
 0Eh	WORD	current activity
 10h	WORD	number of rings (if ringing)
 12h	WORD	number of fascimiles transmitted
 14h	WORD	number of fascimiles received
 16h	WORD	status of last transmission
 18h	WORD	envelope number of last transmission
 1Ah	WORD	index of last destination in envelope
 1Ch	WORD	status of last reception
 1Eh	WORD	current page (if session in progress)
 20h 80 BYTEs	current file
 70h 104 BYTEs	remote number
 D8h 20 BYTEs	last name
 ECh 20 BYTEs	first name
100h 32 BYTEs	company name
120h 32 BYTEs	notes
140h	WORD	current envelope ID (if sending)
142h	WORD	total pages in transmission (if sending)
144h  6 BYTEs	future expansion
14h	WORD	structure size

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