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Table 3836

Values for 3270 Workstation Program window service:
 01h	connect to WS control
 02h	disconnect from WS control
 03h	add a window
 04h	change window's position on screen
 05h	change window's size
 06h	change window's color
 07h	change window's position in the presentation space
 08h	hide/unhide toggle
 09h	enlarge/reduce toggle
 0Ah	change screen background color
 0Bh	get window's position on screen
 0Ch	get window's size
 0Dh	get window's color
 0Eh	get window's position in the presentation space
 0Fh	determine whether hidden
 10h	determine whether enlarged
 11h	get background color
 12h	get window names
 13h	delete all windows from profile
 14h	pick active window
 15h	redraw screen
 16h	redraw window
 17h	delete a window from profile
 18h	get active window
 19h	get active screen
 1Ah	get window data
 1Bh	change window data
 1Ch	select active screen

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