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Table 3435

Format of VINES port record block:
Offset	Size	Description	)
 00h	WORD	number of 17-byte elements
 02h	BYTE	port type for first port
 03h 16 BYTEs	first IPC port (see #03328)
 13h	BYTE	port type for second port
 14h 16 BYTEs	second IPC port (see #03328)
 24h	BYTE	port type for third port
 25h 16 BYTEs	third IPC port (see #03328)
 35h	BYTE	port type for fourth port
 36h 16 BYTEs	fourth IPC port (see #03328)
 46h	BYTE	port type for fifth port
 47h 16 BYTEs	fifth IPC port (see #03328)
 57h	BYTE	reserved
SeeAlso: #03433

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