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Table 2835

Values for JAM.SYS status (high byte):
 00h	successful
 01h	drive is not a JAM drive
 02h	drive is already attached
 03h	archive file cluster size value is larger than driver's one
 04h	drive is not attached
 05h	drive is locked
 06h	drive is not locked
 07h	bad physical-level request
 08h	host drive reading/writing error
 09h	bad entries in JAM descriptor table
 0Ah	compressed data integrity error
 0Bh	archive file overflow
 0Ch	bad DOS request
 0Dh	incorrect parameters in JAMINFO structure
Note:	the low byte of the status is the DOS error code for the Host drive
SeeAlso: #02598 at INT 2F/AX=0802h

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