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Table 3232

Values for CAM status:
 00h	request in progress
 01h	request successful
 02h	host aborted request
 03h	unable to abort request
 04h	request completed with error
 05h	CAM is busy
 06h	invalid request
 07h	invalid path ID
 08h	no such SCSI device
 09h	unable to terminate I/O process
 0Ah	timeout on target selection
 0Bh	timeout on command
 0Dh	receive message rejection
 0Eh	sent/received SCSI bus reset
 0Fh	detected uncorrectable parity error
 10h	Autosense request failed
 11h	no HBA detected
 12h	data over/underrun
 13h	bus freed unexpectedly
 14h	target bus phase sequence failure
 15h	CCB too small
 16h	requested capability not available
 17h	sent bus device reset
 18h	terminate I/O process
 38h	invalid LUN
 39h	invalid target ID
 3Ah	unimplemented function
 3Bh	nexus not established
 3Ch	invalid initiator ID
 3Dh	received SCSI Command Descriptor Block
 3Eh	LUN already enabled
 3Fh	SCSI bus busy
Note:	bit 6 set to indicate frozen SIM queue
	bit 7 set to indicate valid autosense

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