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Table 2832

Format of JAMINFO v1.20 structure:
Offset	Size	Description	)
 00h 25 BYTEs	extended BIOS parameter block (BPB)
 19h	BYTE	physical driver number
 1Ah	BYTE	reserved
 1Bh	BYTE	extended boot record signature
 1Ch	DWORD	volume serial number
 20h 11 BYTEs	volume label
 2Bh  8 BYTEs	file system ID
 33h	DWORD	total number of sectors in JAM archive file
		(size of compressed data area)
 37h	BYTE	flags (see #02833)
 38h 128 BYTEs	full JAM archive file name
 B8h	WORD	the number of fragments in archive file
 BAh 96 BYTEs	archive file fragmentation list -
		array of 16 FRAGMENT structures (see #02834)
11Ah	DWORD	address of the host-drive DPB (Drive Parameter Block)
11Eh	DWORD	number of free sectors in JAM archive file
122h	WORD	device status word (see #02835)
Note:	the first 33h bytes are copied from the archive file's boot sector
SeeAlso: #02831

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