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Table 3431

Values for request IDs:
Request	Length	Description
 0000h	   1	???
 0001h	  16	StreetTalk port
 0002h	   4	StreetTalk session handle
 0003h	   6	colors
 0004h	  64	StreetTalk name of currently logged in user
 0005h	   0	old clear text password (always returns error code 000Bh)
 0006h	   0	default group (not applicable)
 0007h	   1	message queue count
 0008h	   1	message flag
 0009h	  16	TalkPort
 000Ah	   2	TalkPort socket
 000Bh	  64	StreetTalk name of mail service
 000Ch	   2	message timeout
 000Dh	   2	next message place
 000Eh	 246	message queue
 000Fh	  14	system nonce
 0010h	   2	failed login count
 0011h	   1	new mail message received
 0012h	   8	mail capabilities
 0013h	   3	printer port diverted
 0014h	  32	international location
 0015h	  16	IPC port of drive Z:
 0016h	1024	pointer to current directory table
 0017h	   2	maximum number of file volume mappings
 0018h	  24	routine to call back for messages
 0019h	   4	current virtual machine
 001Ah	  20	DOS redirector message bell tones
 001Bh	   2	various flags used for internal communication
 001Ch	   0	OS/2 client configuration (always returns error code 000Bh)
 001Dh	   8	redirector/IFS file version
 001Eh	   0	reserved (always returns error code 000Bh)
 001Fh	   4	address of VVINESD.386 dispatch

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