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Table 2931

Values for FaxBIOS result code:
 0000h	successful
 0001h	not prepared or servicing another client (busy)
 0002h	call failed due to sharing (LOCKED)
 0003h	logged-in client limit reached (FULL)
 0004h	transport denied (TRANSPORT_DENIED)
 0005h	not implemented (NOT_IMPLEMENTED)
 0006h	aborted while in progress (ABORTED)
 0007h	permissions denied (PERMISSION_DENIED)
 0008h	requested data is no longer valid (NO_LONGER_VALID)
 0080h	unspecified system error occurred
 0081h	an internal file was not found
 0082h	an internal file could not be created
 0083h	an internal file could not be opened
 0084h	an internal file could not be closed
 0085h	error occurred writing to an internal file
 0086h	error occurred reading from an internal file
 0087h	bad or corrupted file encountered
 0088h	an access violation occurred
 0089h	an internal file is empty
 008Ah	insufficient memory to process request
 008Bh	FaxBIOS was unable to issue a handle
 008Ch	an error internal to FaxBIOS occurred
 008Dh	no room on disk
 0100h	unspecified error accessing client file
 0101h	file not found
 0102h	creation fault
 0103h	open fault
 0104h	close fault
 0105h	write fault
 0106h	read fault
 0107h	file corrupted
 0108h	access violation
 0109h	empty file
 0200h	unspecified argument error
 0201h	bad function
 0202h	bad option
 0203h	bad structure size
 0204h	bad buffer size
 0205h	bad client ID
 0300h	unspecified error with token
 0301h	cover sheet token was invalid
 0302h	logo token was invalid
 0303h	signature token was invalid
 0304h	font token was invalid
 0305h	phone directory token was invalid
 0306h	outbound route token was invalid
 0307h	priority token was invalid
 0308h	sort token was invalid
 0309h	billing token was invalid
 0400h	unspecified handle error
 0401h	bad Phone Directory handle
 0402h	bad scheduling handle
 0403h	bad read send log handle
 0404h	bad read receive log handle
 0405h	bad graphics handle
 0500h	data passed in structure was invalid
 0501h	name field given is invalid
 0502h	phone number given is invalid
 0503h	poll code submitted is invalid
 0504h	file type constant was invalid
 0505h	BFT constant not defined or supported
 0506h	resolution not defined or supported
 0507h	page length not defined or supported
 0508h	page width not defined or supported
 0509h	date & time requested are ridiculous
 050Ah	Subject text was not an ASCIZ string
 050Bh	From text was not an ASCIZ string
 050Ch	requested envelope ID was not found
 050Dh	requested envelope ID is not valid
 050Eh	envelope requested was not found
 050Fh	destination index is out of range
 0510h	file index is out of range
 0511h	index into receive log is out of range
 0512h	file name specified was incomplete or invalid
 0513h	page selected was out of range
 0514h	bit width more than byte width
 0515h	mode for open is not defined
 0516h	person index is out of range
 0517h	person ID is out of range
 0518h	group index out of range or invalid
 0519h	group ID out of range or invalid
 051Ah	range of indices to read is invalid
 051Bh	group name given is invalid
 051Ch	field_to_use is badly specified
 051Dh	predicate invalid for field specified
 0600h	unspecified client procedure error
 0601h	device of interest is not present
 0602h	device of interest has been removed
 0603h	device of interest is not responding
 0604h	device of interest is disabled
 0605h	could not dial because device was in use
 0606h	maximum destination limit exceeded
 0607h	maximum file limit exceeded
 0608h	scheduling closed with no destination
 0609h	scheduling closed with no files or poll
 060Ah	scheduling closed with no parameters specified
 060Bh	file type specified does not match file
 060Ch	file type specified is not supported
 060Dh	file submitted is not exportable
 060Eh	file type specified is not imageable
 060Fh	error converting file
 0610h	envelope could not be cancelled
 0611h	Phone Directory is full
 0612h	record is already in the Phone Directory
 0613h	selected group in Phone Directory is full
 0614h	person is already in the group
 0615h	person is not in the group & cannot be removed
 0616h	a graphics file to be created already exists
 0617h	a graphics file to be read is empty
 0619h	graph read or write attempted without goto or create
 061Ah	graph page contains no data
 061Bh	Phone Directory is already open for this client
 061Ch	schedule log is already open for this client
 061Dh	receive log is aready open for this client
 061Eh	Phone Directory function requires write mode
 0800h	denied exclusive use of the API

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