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Table 2830

Values for Workstation parameter index (* = read-only):
 00h	version number (high byte = minor, low byte = major)
 02h *	size of each network buffer for file operations
 04h *	number of redirector file buffers
 06h *	size of each print cache buffer
 08h *	number of network LPT printers
 0Ch	flush time in ticks (idle time on network printer before flushing)
 0Eh	(16 WORDs) last active time for each printer
 2Eh *	stub segment if program split into two parts
 60h	receive name number for datagram listens
 62h *	18-byte machine name
 74h *	LASTDRIVE (01h = A:, etc.)
 7Ch	row number of message box on screen
 7Eh	message time in clock ticks
 82h *	number of network adapters in use
 84h	station ID broadcast flag (never set on redirectors)
 96h *	NetBIOS names left
 98h *	NCBs left
 9Ah *	sessions left
 A2h *	total number of network printers (LPT+COM)
 A4h *	number of serial network printers
 A8h *	segment containing file cache buffers
 AAh *	segment containing print cache buffers
 ACh *	bytes remaining free in HMA before program loaded
 AEh *	start of free memory in HMA
 B2h *	flag: using HMA
SeeAlso: #02829

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