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Table 2030

Format of NetWare "Get Transaction Tracking Statistics" reply buffer:
Offset	Size	Description	)
 00h	WORD	(call) length of following results buffer (max 1BCh)
 02h	DWORD	(big-endian) clock ticks since system started
 06h	BYTE	transaction tracking supported if nonzero
		(all following fields are invalid if zero)
 07h	BYTE	transaction tracking enabled
 08h	WORD	(big-endian) transaction volume number
 0Ah	WORD	(big-endian) maximum simultaneous transactions configured
 0Ch	WORD	(big-endian) maximum simultaneous transactions since startup
 0Eh	WORD	(big-endian) current transactions in progress
 10h	DWORD	(big-endian) total transactions performed
 14h	DWORD	(big-endian) total write transactions
 18h	DWORD	(big-endian) total transactions backed out
 1Ch	WORD	(big-endian) number of unfilled backout requests
 1Eh	WORD	(big-endian) disk blocks used for transaction tracking
 20h	DWORD	(big-endian) blocks allocated for tracked-file FATs
 24h	DWORD	(big-endian) number of file size changes during a transaction
 28h	DWORD	(big-endian) number of file truncations during a transaction
 2Ch	BYTE	number of records following
 2Dh	Active Transaction Records [array]
	Offset	Size	Description
	 00h	BYTE	logical connection number
	 01h	BYTE	task number
SeeAlso: #02029,#02228 at AX=F217h/SF=D5h

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