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Table 529

Values for stepping level:
---i376 (type code 33h)---
 05h	A0
 08h	B
---80386/80386DX (type code 03h)---
 03h	Intel B1 to B10, Am386DX/DXL step A
 05h	Intel D0
 08h	Intel D1/D2/E1, Am386DX/DXL step B
---80386SL (type code 43h)---
 05h	A
 1xh	B
---80386SX (type code 23h)---
 04h	Intel A0
 05h	Intel B, Am386SX/SXL step A1
 08h	Intel C/D1, Am386SX/SXL step B
 09h	Intel 386CX/386EX/386SXstatic step A
---80486DX (type code 04h)---
 00h	Intel A0/A1
 01h	Intel B2 to B6
 02h	Intel C0
 03h	Intel C1
 04h	Intel D0
 10h	Intel cA2/cA3, Cx486SLC step A
 11h	Intel cB0/cB1
---486DX2 (type code 04h)---
 02h	Am486DX2 (unknown stepping)
 32h	Intel DX2/Overdrive steps A0 to A2
 33h	Intel DX2/Overdrive step B1
---486SX (type code 04h)---
 20h	Intel A0
 22h	Intel B0
 27h	Intel cA0
 28h	Intel cB0
---486SL (type code 04h)---
 40h	Intel A
---IntelSX2 (type code 04h)---
 5xh	Intel A
---IntelDX4 (type code 04h)---
 8xh	Intel A
---487SX (type code 04h)---
 20h	Intel A0
 21h	Intel B0
---Pentium (type code 05h)---
 0xh	Intel P5 steps Ax (1993)
 1xh	Intel P5 steps Bx (1994)
 2xh	Intel P54C step A
---RapidCAD (type code 03h)---
 40h	A

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