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Table 3129

Values for DPMILOAD function status:
 0000h	successful
 0001h	??? failure
 0002h	invalid selector
 0004h	unknown error
 0008h	no more LDT descriptors available???
 FFDEh	unable to set descriptor
 FFDFh	unable to get segment base address
 FFE0h	???
 FFF2h	invalid parameter value
 FFF4h	component of filename too long (name not in 8.3 format)
 FFF5h	pathname too long (>79 chars)
 FFF6h	???
 FFF8h	???
 FFF9h	index out of range
 FFFAh	???
 FFFCh	invalid access to code segment???
 FFFEh	???
 FFFFh	general error

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