Format of CD-ROM directory entry (canonicalized):
Offset	Size	Description	)
 00h	BYTE	length of XAR in Logical Block Numbers
 01h	DWORD	Logical Block Number of file start
 05h	WORD	size of disk in logical blocks
 07h	DWORD	file length in bytes
 0Bh  7 BYTEs	date and time
 12h	BYTE	bit flags
 13h	BYTE	interleave size
 14h	BYTE	interleave skip factor
 15h	WORD	volume set sequence number
 17h	BYTE	length of file name
 18h 38 BYTEs	ASCIZ filename
 3Eh	WORD	file version number
 40h	BYTE	number of bytes of system use data
 41h 220 BYTEs	system use data
SeeAlso: #02628