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Table 2928

Format of CS_TSR process block:
Offset	Size	Description	)
 00h  4 BYTEs	CS_TSR signature 11h 43h 53h 10h
 04h	BYTE	INT 2F multiplex number
 05h	WORD	virtual process handle (unique among loaded TSRs)
 07h  2 BYTEs	version (binary minor version, then major version)
 09h	WORD	PSP segment of TSR
 0Bh	DWORD	pointer to ASCIZ program name
 0Fh  3 BYTEs	program creation date (day, month, year)
 12h  3 BYTEs	process start time (seconds, minutes, hours)
 15h  3 BYTEs	process start date (day, month, year)

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