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Table 1728

Format of LANtastic user account structure:
Offset	Size	Description	)
 00h 16 BYTEs	blank-padded username (zero-padded for v4.x)
 10h 16 BYTEs	reserved (00h)
 20h 32 BYTEs	user description
 40h	BYTE	privilege bits (see #01729)
 41h	BYTE	maximum concurrent users
 42h 42 BYTEs	bit map for disallowed half hours, beginning on Sunday
		(bit set if half-hour not an allowed time)
 6Ch	WORD	internal (0002h)
 6Eh  2 WORDs	last login time
 72h  2 WORDs	account expiration date (MS-DOS-format year/month:day)
 76h  2 WORDs	password expiration date (0 = none)
 7Ah	BYTE	number of days to extend password after change (1-31)
		00h if no extension required
 7Bh  5 BYTEs	reserved
 7Bh	BYTE	storage for first letter of user name when deleted (first
		  character is changed to 00h when deleting account)
 7Ch	BYTE	extended privileges
 7Dh  3 BYTEs	reserved

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