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Table 28

Format of ATI VGA Wonder video mode table:
Offset	Size	Description	)
 00h	BYTE	number of columns
 01h	BYTE	maximum row (number of rows - 1)
 02h	BYTE	scan lines per row
 03h	WORD	video buffer size in bytes
 05h  4 BYTEs	values for Sequencer registers 1-4
 09h	BYTE	value for Miscellaneous Output register
 0Ah 25 BYTEs	values for CRTC registers 00h-18h
		00h horizontal total size (chars)
		01h horizontal displayed (chars)
		02h horizontal sync position (chars)
		03h horizontal sync width (chars)
		04h vertical total size (char rows)
		05h vertical total adjust (scan lines)
		06h vertical displayed (char rows)
		07h vertical sync position (char rows)
		08h interlace mode
		09h max scan line in row
		0Ah cursor start scan line
		0Bh cursor end scan line
		0Ch screen memory start (high)
		0Dh screen memory start (low)
		0Eh cursor address (high)
		0Fh cursor address (low)
		10h light pen (high)
		11h light pen (low)
 23h 20 BYTEs	default palette (values for Attribute Controller regs 00h-13h)
 37h  9 BYTEs	values for Graphics Controller registers 00h-08h

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