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Table 3027

Format of NETWARN Configuration structure:
Offset	Size	Description	)
 103h 7 BYTEs	signature string "NETWARN"
 10Ah	BYTE	major version in ASCII (="1")
 10Bh	BYTE	minor version in ASCII (="0")
 10Ch	DWORD	minimum size of EXE cared about in bytes (/S=xxxx)
 110h	WORD	same value in kilobytes (see #03028 [bit 4])
 112h	BYTE	multiplex code (AH value) actually being used
 113h	WORD	options (see #03028)
 115h	DWORD	INT 21h vector before NETWARN loaded
 119h	DWORD	INT 2Fh vector before NETWARN loaded
 11Dh 16 BYTEs	ASCIIZ local name of last device which was checked
 12Dh 128 BYTEs ASCIIZ remote name of last device which was checked
Note:	the specified offsets are from the start of the resident segment

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