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Table 2827

Values for SilverNET Peer parameter index (* = read-only):
 00h *	maximum outstanding SMB buffers
 02h *	maximum logged-in nodes
 04h *	number of shareable resources
 06h *	number of characters to print per time slice
 08h *	number of printers that can be shared
 0Ah *	number of nodes logged in
 0Ch *	number of files to allow opened
 0Eh	how fast to despool (/PSLICE)
 10h	audit flag
 24h *	far pointer to resource table (each resource is 96 bytes in length)
 32h *	far pointer to SFT (internal if SilverNET files > CONFIG.SYS files,
	else DOS SFT)
 36h	spool flags (see #02828)
SeeAlso: #02829

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