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Table 2726

Values for GDI information index:
 00h	device driver version
 02h	device classification
 04h	width in mm
 06h	height in mm
 08h	width in pixels
 0Ah	height in pixels
 0Ch	bits per pixel
 0Eh	number of bit planes
 10h	number of brushes supported by device
 12h	number of pens supported by device
 14h	number of markers supported by device
 16h	number of fonts supported by device
 18h	number of colors
 1Ah	size required for device descriptor
 1Ch	curve capabilities
 1Eh	line capabilities
 20h	polygon capabilities
 22h	text capabilities
 24h	clipping capabilities
 26h	bitblt capabilities
 28h	X aspect
 2Ah	Y aspect
 2Ch	length of hypotenuse of aspect
 58h	logical pixels per inch of width
 5Ah	logical pixels per inch of height
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