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Table 124

Format of Volume Services Structure:
Offset	Size	Description	)
 00h	4 BYTEs	name of the structure ("VOLS")
 04h	DWORD	structure length (00000038h)
 08h 16 BYTEs	16 bytes for future expansion (0)
---entry points (details???)---
 18h	DWORD	device check
		0011h filter range
		0012h filter setting
		0013h filter current
		0014h tone range
		0015h tone setting
		0016h tone current
		0017h path
		0018h get IO address
		0080h-.. vendors can add DevChks above 0x80
 1Ch	DWORD	set vol to an absolute setting
		01h User master volume setting
		02h application master volume setting
 20h	DWORD	set 3D volume
 24h	DWORD	tone control
 28h	DWORD	filter control
 2Ch	DWORD	output path
 30h	DWORD	reset channel
 34h	DWORD	get last error
		01h unsupported feature/function
		02h out of range parameter value
		80h+ vendor-specific errors
SeeAlso: #00116,#00120

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