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Table 3323

Format of the BANV code segment (revision 5.53):
Offset	Size	Description	)
 00h 16	BYTEs	reserved
 10h 16	DWORDs	far pointers to the service handlers (0 = not installed)
 50h	DWORD	far pointer to last called service
 54h	WORD	VINES revision
 56h	DWORD	VINES revision long
 5Ah	WORD	VINES revision (lower bound)
 5Ch	DWORD	VINES revision (lower bound) long
 60h	WORD	VINES revision (upper bound)
 62h	DWORD	VINES revision (upper bound) long
 66h	WORD	end of PCCONFIG area
 68h	WORD	start of PCCONFIG area
 6Ah  4	BYTEs	BANV interrupt identifier ("BANV")
 6Eh  N	BYTEs	BANV interrupt service
SeeAlso: #03324

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