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Table 3322

Format of network debugging information:
Offset	Size	Description	)
 00h	DWORD	number of interrupts
 04h	DWORD	receive buffer low-water mark
 08h	DWORD	transmit buffer low-water mark
 0Ch	DWORD	number of packets received
 10h	DWORD	number of packets transmitted
 14h	DWORD	total receive errors
 18h	DWORD	total transmit errors
 1Ch  4 BYTEs	???
 20h	DWORD	receive resets
 24h	DWORD	transmit resets
 28h	DWORD	number of "runts" received
 2Ch	DWORD	number of alignment errors on received packets
 30h	DWORD	number of CRC errors on received packets
 34h	DWORD	number of parity errors on received packets
 38h	DWORD	number of receive overflow errors
 3Ch	DWORD	number of oversized packets received
 40h	DWORD	number of packets lost due to lack of buffers
 44h	DWORD	receive timeouts
 48h 32 BYTEs	???
 68h	DWORD	number of transmit collisions
 6Ch	DWORD	number of transmit timeouts
 70h	DWORD	number of transmit underflows
 74h	DWORD	number of lost "crs" on transmit
 78h	DWORD	number of times heartbeat failed on transmit
 7Ch 24 BYTEs	???
 94h	WORD	free packet buffers
 96h	WORD	total packet buffers
 98h	WORD	minimum number of packet buffers free since kernel started
 9Ah 24 BYTEs	???
 B2h	DWORD	pointer to TCP connection list???
 B6h	DWORD	pointer to IP routing table???
 BAh 30 BYTEs	???

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