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Table 122

Format of Volume Info Structure:
Offset	Size	Description	)
 00h  4	BYTEs	name of the structure ("VOLI")
 04h	DWORD	structure length (00000092h)
 08h	DWORD	driver software version [00000001h]
 0Ch 32 BYTEs	vendor name, etc. (ASCIZ string)
 2Ch 32 BYTEs	vendor product name
 4Ch 32 BYTEs	vendor chip/hardware description
 6Ch	BYTE	installed board number (0 for 1st/only board)
 6Dh  3	BYTEs	unused data (0)
 70h 24 BYTEs	text name of the mixer channel
 88h	DWORD	features bits (see #00123)
 8Ch	WORD	minimum volume setting
 8Eh	WORD	maximum volume setting
 90h	WORD	attenuation/gain crossover
SeeAlso: #00112,#00124

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