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Table 4021

Values for DR Multiuser DOS Error Return Code:
 00h	no error
 01h	system call not implemented
 02h	illegal system call number
 03h	cannot find memory
 04h	illegal flag number
 05h	flag overrun
 06h	flag underrun
 07h	no unused Queue Descriptors
 08h	no free queue buffer
 09h	cannot find queue
 0Ah	queue in use
 0Ch	no free Process Descriptors
 0Dh	no queue access
 0Eh	empty queue
 0Fh	full queue
 10h	CLI queue missing
 11h	no 8087 in system
 12h	no unused Memory Descriptors
 13h	illegal console number
 14h	no Process Descriptor match
 15h	no console match
 16h	no CLI process
 17h	illegal disk number
 18h	illegal filename
 19h	illegal filetype
 1Ah	character not ready
 1Bh	illegal Memory Descriptor
 1Ch	bad return from BDOS load
 1Dh	bad return from BDOS read
 1Eh	bad return from BDOS open
 1Fh	null command
 20h	not owner of resource
 21h	no CSEG in load file
 22h	process Descriptor exists on Thread Root
 23h	could not terminate process
 24h	cannot attach to process
 25h	illegal list device number
 26h	illegal password
 28h	external termination occurred
 29h	fixup error upon load
 2Ah	flag set ignored
 2Bh	illegal auxilliary device number
SeeAlso: #04019

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