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Table 3021

Format of NESL Producer Event Control Block (PECB):
Offset	Size	Description	)
 00h	WORD	PECB_MajVer  Major Version of this structure (=1)
 02h	WORD	PECB_MinVer  Minor Version of this structure (=0)
 04h	DWORD	PECB_NextProducer   -> next PECB.  NULL if last.
 08h	DWORD	PECB_ClassName	    -> ASCIZ string identifying event
					  class (see #03025)
 0Ch	DWORD	PECB_ConsumerList   -> list of consumers for this event class
 10h	DWORD	PECB_DataPtr	    -> points to additional data during events
 14h	DWORD	PECB_Flags
		Bit 0	=0  consumers should be called "top down" for this
			    event class.  (OSI level 7 down to OSI level 1)
			=1  consumers should be called "bottom up"
		Bits 1-31   Reserved =0
 18h  8 BYTEs	PECB_Reserved (all zeros)
Note:	Although the event producer provides the memory for the PECB, the
	  NESL module controls this memory until the event class is
	While owned by NESL, this structure should be treated as read-only,
	  except for the PECB_DataPtr field.

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