Format of new Phar Lap .EXP file header:
Offset	Size	Description	)
 00h  2 BYTEs	signature ("P2" for 286 .EXP executable, "P3" for 386 .EXP)
 02h	WORD	level (01h flat-model file, 02h multisegmented file)
 04h	WORD	header size
 06h	DWORD	file size in bytes
 0Ah	WORD	checksum
 0Ch	DWORD	offset of run-time parameters within file (see #01622)
 10h	DWORD	size of run-time parameters in bytes
 14h	DWORD	offset of relocation table within file
 18h	DWORD	size of relocation table in bytes
 1Ch	DWORD	offset of segment information table within file (see #01621)
 20h	DWORD	size of segment information table in bytes
 24h	WORD	size of segment information table entry in bytes
 26h	DWORD	offset of load image within file
 2Ah	DWORD	size of load image on disk
 2Eh	DWORD	offset of symbol table within file or 00000000h
 32h	DWORD	size of symbol table in bytes
 36h	DWORD	offset of GDT within load image
 3Ah	DWORD	size of GDT in bytes
 3Eh	DWORD	offset of LDT within load image
 42h	DWORD	size of LDT in bytes
 46h	DWORD	offset of IDT within load image
 4Ah	DWORD	size of IDT in bytes
 4Eh	DWORD	offset of TSS within load image
 52h	DWORD	size of TSS in bytes
 56h	DWORD	minimum number of extra bytes to be allocated at end of program
		(level 1 executables only)
 5Ah	DWORD	maximum number of extra bytes to be allocated at end of program
		(level 1 executables only)
 5Eh	DWORD	base load offset (level 1 executables only)
 62h	DWORD	initial ESP
 66h	WORD	initial SS
 68h	DWORD	initial EIP
 6Ch	WORD	initial CS
 6Eh	WORD	initial LDT
 70h	WORD	initial TSS
 72h	WORD	flags
		bit 0: load image is packed
		bit 1: 32-bit checksum is present
		bits 4-2: type of relocation table
 74h	DWORD	memory requirements for load image
 78h	DWORD	32-bit checksum (optional)
 7Ch	DWORD	size of stack segment in bytes
 80h 256 BYTEs	reserved (0)
SeeAlso: #01619,#01623