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Table 4019

Values for CP/M-86,DR Multiuser DOS function number:
 00h	terminate calling process			(see INT E0/CL=00h)
 01h	read a character				(see INT E0/CL=01h)
 02h	write character to default console		(see INT E0/CL=02h)
 03h	read character from default AUX			(see INT E0/CL=03h)
 04h	write character to default AUX			(see INT E0/CL=04h)
 05h	write character to default list device		(see INT E0/CL=05h)
 06h	perform raw I/O on default console		(see INT E0/CL=06h)
 07h	return default AUX input status			(see INT E0/CL=07h)
 08h	return default AUX output status		(see INT E0/CL=08h)
 09h	write string to default console			(see INT E0/CL=09h)
 0Ah	read string from default console		(see INT E0/CL=0Ah)
 0Bh	return default console input status		(see INT E0/CL=0Bh)
 0Ch	get BDOS release ID				(see INT E0/CL=0Ch)
 0Dh	reset all disk drives		(see also INT 21/AH=0Dh)
 0Eh	set default drive		(see also INT 21/AH=0Eh"DOS 1+")
 0Fh	open file via FCB		(see also INT 21/AH=0Fh,#01345)
 10h	close file via FCB		(see also INT 21/AH=10h)
 11h	search for first matching file with FCB (see also INT 21/AH=11h)
 12h	search for next matching file with FCB (see also INT 21/AH=12h)
 13h	delete file via FCB		(see also INT 21/AH=13h)
 14h	sequential read via FCB		(see also INT 21/AH=14h)
 15h	sequential write via FCB	(see also INT 21/AH=15h)
 16h	create file via FCB		(see also INT 21/AH=16h)
 17h	rename file via FCB		(see also INT 21/AH=17h)
 18h	get bit map of logged drives
 19h	get default drive		(see also INT 21/AH=19h)
 1Ah	set DMA address offset
 1Bh	get default disk allocation vector (see also INT 21/AH=1Bh)
 1Ch	set default drive to read-only
 1Dh	get bit map of read-only drives
 1Eh	set file attributes via FCB	(see also INT 21/AX=4301h)
 1Fh	get address of disk parameter block (see also INT 21/AH=1Fh)
 20h	get/set default user number
 21h	read random record via FCB	(see also INT 21/AH=21h)
 22h	write random record via FCB	(see also INT 21/AH=22h)
 23h	compute file size with FCB	(see also INT 21/AH=23h)
 24h	get FCB random record number	(see also INT 21/AH=24h)
 25h	reset specified drives
 26h	access specified drives (not in DR DOS Plus v2.1)
 27h	free specified drives
 28h	write random with FCB, zero fill (see also INT 21/AH=28h)
 2Ah	lock records in FCB file	(see also INT 21/AH=5Ch)
 2Bh	unlock records in FCB file	(see also INT 21/AH=5Ch)
 2Ch	set BDOS multisector count
 2Dh	set BDOS error mode
 2Eh	get free space on disk
 2Fh	load, initialize, and jump to process ("chain process")
	(see INT E0/CL=2Fh,INT 21/AH=4Bh)
 30h	flush write-deferred buffers
 31h	get/set system variable (DOS Plus v2.1)
 32h	call BIOS (XIOS) character routine (see #04020)
 33h	set DMA address segment
 34h	get DMA buffer address
 35h	CP/M-86 allocate maximum memory			(see INT E0/CL=35h)
 36h	allocate maximum memory at specified segment	(see INT E0/CL=36h)
 37h	CP/M-86 allocate memory segment (see INT E0/CL=37h,INT 21/AH=48h)
 38h	allocate memory at specified segment		(see INT E0/CL=38h)
 39h	CP/M-86 free specified memory segment (see INT E0/CL=39h,INT 21/AH=49h)
 3Ah	CP/M-86 free all memory (not in DOS Plus v2.1)	(see INT E0/CL=3Ah)
 3Bh	load .CMD file into memory			(see INT E0/CL=3Bh)
 3Ch	(DOS Plus v2.1) call RSX program
 40h	(DR-NET, REAL/32) log on a server		(see INT E0/CL=40h)
 41h	(DR-NET, REAL/32) log off a server		(see INT E0/CL=41h)
 42h	(DR-NET) send a message
 43h	(DR-NET) receive a message
 44h	(DR-NET, REAL/32) get network status		(see INT E0/CL=44h)
 45h	(DR-NET, REAL/32) get requestor config table	(see INT E0/CL=45h)
 46h	(DR-NET) set compatibility attributes
 47h	(DR-NET, REAL/32) get server configuration table (see INT E0/CL=47h)
 48h	(DR-NET, REAL/32) set network error mode	(see INT E0/CL=48h)
 49h	(DR-NET, REAL/32) attach network
 4Ah	(DR-NET, REAL/32) detach network
 4Bh	(DR-NET, REAL/32) set default password
 4Ch	(DR-NET, REAL/32) get-set long timeout
 4Dh	(DR-NET, REAL/32) get parameter table
 4Fh	(REAL/32) get extended network error
 50h	(DR-NET, REAL/32) get network information
 53h	get current time			(see also INT 21/AH=2Ch)
 54h	set current time			(see also INT 21/AH=2Dh)
 55h	get binary system date			(see also INT 21/AH=2Ah)
 56h	set system date				(see also INT 21/AH=2Bh"DATE")
 57h	allocate system flag
 58h	deallocate system flag
 59h	reserve memory in global area			(see INT E0/CL=59h)
 5Ah	lock physical drive
 5Bh	unlock physical drive
 5Ch	search path for executable file			(see INT E0/CL=5Ch)
 5Dh	load and execute command			(see INT E0/CL=5Dh)
 5Eh	get/set process exit code			(see INT E0/CL=5Eh)
 5Fh	set country information
 60h	get country information
 63h	truncate FCB file (see also INT 21/AH=28h)
 64h	create/update directory label
 65h	get directory label
 66h	get FCB date stamp and password mode
 67h	write extended FCB
 68h	set system date and time
 69h	get system date and time in binary
 6Ah	establish password for file access
 6Bh	get OS serial number				(see INT E0/CL=6Bh)
 6Ch	(DOS Plus v2.1) get/set program return code
 6Dh	get/set console mode				(see INT E0/CL=6Dh)
 6Eh	get/set string delimiter			(see INT E0/CL=6Eh)
 6Fh	write block to default console			(see INT E0/CL=6Fh)
 70h	write block to default list device		(see INT E0/CL=70h)
 71h	execute DOS-compatible function			(see INT E0/CL=71h)
 74h	set FCB time and date stamps
 80h	allocate memory					(see INT E0/CL=80h)
 82h	deallocate memory				(see INT E0/CL=81h)
 83h	poll I/O device
 84h	wait on system flag				(see INT E0/CL=84h)
 85h	set system flag					(see INT E0/CL=85h)
 86h	create message queue				(see INT E0/CL=86h)
 87h	open message queue				(see INT E0/CL=87h)
 88h	delete message queue				(see INT E0/CL=88h)
 89h	read from message queue				(see INT E0/CL=89h)
 8Ah	conditionally read from message queue		(see INT E0/CL=8Ah)
 8Bh	write to message queue				(see INT E0/CL=8Bh)
 8Ch	conditionally write to message queue		(see INT E0/CL=8Ch)
 8Dh	delay calling process				(see INT E0/CL=8Dh)
 8Eh	call process dispatcher (yield CPU)		(see INT E0/CL=8Eh)
 8Fh	terminate calling process (same as func 00h)	(see INT E0/CL=8Fh)
 90h	create a process				(see INT E0/CL=90h)
 91h	set calling process' priority			(see INT E0/CL=91h)
 92h	attach to default console			(see INT E0/CL=92h)
 93h	detach from default console			(see INT E0/CL=93h)
 94h	(REAL/32) set the process' default console	(see INT E0/CL=94h)
 95h	assign default console to process		(see INT E0/CL=95h)
 96h	interpret and execute commandline		(see INT E0/CL=96h)
 97h	resident procedure library
 98h	parse ASCII string into FCB (see also INT 21/AH=29h)
 99h	return default console				(see INT E0/CL=99h)
 9Ah	get address of system data (SYSDAT)		(see INT E0/CL=9Ah)
 9Bh	get system time and date
 9Ch	return calling process' descriptor		(see INT E0/CL=9Ch)
 9Dh	terminate process by name or PD address		(see INT E0/CL=9Dh)
 9Eh	attach to default list device			(see INT E0/CL=9Eh)
 9Fh	detach from default list device			(see INT E0/CL=9Fh)
 A0h	select default list device			(see INT E0/CL=A0h)
 A1h	conditionally attach to default list device	(see INT E0/CL=A1h)
 A2h	conditionally attach to default console		(see INT E0/CL=A2h)
 A3h	get OS version number				(see INT E0/CL=A3h)
 A4h	get default list device				(see INT E0/CL=A4h)
 A5h	attach to default AUX				(see INT E0/CL=A5h)
 A6h	detach from default AUX				(see INT E0/CL=A6h)
 A7h	conditionally attach to default AUX		(see INT E0/CL=A7h)
 A8h	set default AUX					(see INT E0/CL=A8h)
 A9h	return default AUX				(see INT E0/CL=A9h)
 ACh	read block from default AUX			(see INT E0/CL=ACh)
 ADh	(DOS Plus v2.1) write block to default AUX	(see INT E0/CL=ADh)
 B0h	configure default AUX				(see INT E0/CL=B0h)
 B1h	get/set device control parameters		(see INT E0/CL=B1h)
 B2h	send Break through default AUX			(see INT E0/CL=B2h)
 B3h	allocate physical memory			(see INT E0/CL=B3h)
 B4h	free physical memory				(see INT E0/CL=B4h)
 B5h	map physical memory				(see INT E0/CL=B5h)
 B6h	nondestructive conditional message queue read	(see INT E0/CL=B6h)
 B7h	timed wait on system flag			(see INT E0/CL=B7h)
 B8h	get/set I/O port mapping			(see INT E0/CL=B8h)
 B9h	set list device timeout				(see INT E0/CL=B9h)
 BAh	set AUX timeout value				(see INT E0/CL=BAh)
 BBh	execute XIOS service
 BDh	(DR Multiuser DOS) delay			(see INT E0/CL=BDh)
 FFh	return 80386 to native mode
SeeAlso: #04020,#04021

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