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Table 3319

Values for PC/TCP error code:
 00h "NET_NOERR" successful
 01h "NET_ERR_INUSE" protocol or socket already in use
 02h "NET_DOS_ERR" MS-DOS error (returned as suberror code in AH)
 03h "NET_ERR_NOMEM" out of memory
 04h "NET_ERR_NOTNETCONN" not a network descriptor
 05h "NET_ERR_ILLEGALOP" invalid operation on given kind of network descriptor
 06h "NET_ERR_BADPKT" illegal or corrupted packet
 07h "NET_ERR_NOHOST" no host bound to specified connection
 08h "NET_ERR_CANTOPEN" unable to open file
 09h "NET_ERR_NET_UNREACHABLE" network is unreachable
 0Ah "NET_ERR_HOST_UNREACHABLE" host is unreachable (see #03320)
 0Bh "NET_ERR_PROT_UNREACHABLE" protocol is unreachable
 0Ch "NET_ERR_PORT_UNREACHABLE" port is unreachable
 0Dh "NET_ERR_TIMEOUT" operation timed out
 0Eh "NET_ERR_HOSTUNKNOWN" unable to resolve host name
 0Fh "NET_ERR_NOSERVERS" no name servers configured
 10h "NET_ERR_SERVER_ERR" bad reply from name server
	Subcodes: 0= no error, 1 = Host unreachable
 11h "NET_ERR_BADFORMAT" bad format for IP address or field in IP address
			structure is zero
 12h "NET_ERR_BADARG" invalid argument
 13h "NET_ERR_EOF" foreign host closed its end of connection
 14h "NET_ERR_RESET" connection has been reset
 15h "NET_ERR_WOULDBLOCK" recv() call was done on a non-blocking connection
			with no data available
 16h "NET_ERR_UNBOUND" insufficient resources to do operation
 17h "NET_ERR_NODESC" could not allocate network descriptor
 18h "NET_ERR_BADSYSCALL" invalid/unsupported kernel call
 19h "NET_ERR_CANTBROADCAST" unable to broadcast
 1Ah "NET_ERR_NOTESTAB" operation illegal because connection not established
 1Bh kernel busy, try again later
 1Ch "NET_ERR_ICMPMESG" an ICMP message was received (not on streams)
	(see #03321)
 1Dh "NET_ERR_TERMINATING" internal kernel fatal error
 1Eh "NET_ERR_TAG_LOCKED" not allowed to set this tag (net_config)
 1Fh "NET_ERR_BAD_INTERFACE" non existent interface specified
 20h "NET_ERR_BADCONFIG" kernel cannot run - bad configuration
 21h "NET_ERR_EMM" expanded memory error
 22h "NET_ERR_CANT_SHUTDOWN" cant unload kernel (multitasker running)
 23h "NET_ERR_PARKED_IN" unable to unhook DOS interrupt
 24h "NET_ERR_NOQIOS" ran out of resources; try again later
 25h "NET_ERR_WOULD_TRUNCATE" datagram too large and "don't truncate" was set

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