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Table 4018

Format of PC-MOS/386 addtask data structure:
Offset	Size	Description	)
 00h	WORD	task size in KB (min 16KB)
 02h	WORD	task ID (0000h for automatic selection)
 04h	BYTE	task class (' ' or 'A'-'Z')
 05h	DWORD	-> ASCIZ name of task startup batchfile
 09h	DWORD	-> task's terminal driver (0000000h = background task)
 0Dh	WORD	task port
 0Fh	DWORD	task baud rate
 13h	DWORD	(ret) total extended memory
 17h	DWORD	(ret) number of 4K extended memory pages allocated
 1Bh	WORD	(ret) paragraphs of system memory pool allocated
 1Dh	WORD	(ret) system memory pool size in paragraphs
 1Fh	WORD	(ret) ASCII task percentage of system memory pool
 21h  3 BYTEs	reserved

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