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Table 3518

Format of BitFax command block:
Offset	Size	Description	)
 00h 18 BYTEs	configuration bytes???
 12h	BYTEs	ASCIZ temporary file name to place converted fax
 52h	BYTEs	ASCIZ directory containing BitFax executables
 92h	BYTEs	ASCIZ telephone number
 C2h	BYTE	cover page control (00h don't send, 01h do send cover page)
 C3h 15 BYTEs	configuration bytes???
 E2h	BYTEs	ASCIZ path of BITFAX.TRA file (containing additional
		  configuration information???)
122h	BYTEs	configuration bytes???
12Ch	BYTE	00h don't send cover page
		01h send cover page
12Dh  7 BYTEs	configuration bytes???
134h	BYTEs	ASCIZ path of file to send
174h	BYTEs	more configuration bytes???

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