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Table 3815

Format of IPX header:
Offset	Size	Description	)
 00h	WORD	(big-endian) checksum
 02h	WORD	(big-endian) length in bytes of total packet
 04h	BYTE	transport control
 05h	BYTE	packet type (see #03816)
 06h 10 BYTEs	destination internetwork address
 10h	WORD	(big-endian) destination socket
 12h 10 BYTEs	source internetwork address
 1Ch	WORD	(big-endian) source socket
Notes:	an IPX packet has the identical format as a Xerox Network Standard
	  (XNS) packet
	the application must set packet type, destination address, and
	  destination socket; IPX/SPX set the remaining fields
SeeAlso: #03810,#03826

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