Format of LE linear executable entry table:
Offset	Size	Description	)
 00h	BYTE	number of entries in table
 01h 10 BYTEs per entry
		Offset	Size	Description
		 00h	BYTE	bit flags
				bit 0: non-empty bundle
				bit 1: 32-bit entry
		 01h	WORD	object number
		 03h	BYTE	entry type flags
				bit 0: exported
				bit 1: uses single data rather than instance
				bit 2: reserved
				bits 3-7: number of stack parameters
		 04h	DWORD	offset of entry point
		 08h  2 BYTEs	???
Note:	empty bundles (bit flags at 00h = 00h) are used to skip unused indices,
	  and do not contain the remaining nine bytes