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Table 4114

Format of SuperStor packet:
Offset	Size	Description	)
 00h	WORD	(call) product signature AA55h
		(ret) result code, 0000h if successful
 02h	BYTE	(call) SuperStor product ID (01h)
 03h	BYTE	(call) SuperStor command parameter:
		06h = get compressed drive structure / drive parameters
		07h = return the compressed length of a file
		08h = return real drive ID for swapped drive
		09h = validate the contents of the cluster
		0Bh = checks whether deleted cluster is free
		0Ch = reallocate previously deleted cluster
		0Dh = read absolute sector from the drive
		0Eh = write absolute sector to the drive
		0Fh = instruct the driver to rebuild tables
		10h = flush any cached Replacement Block Table (RBT) sectors
		      to the drive
---command 06h---
 04h	DWORD	(ret) pointer to SuperStor CVF's compressed unit structure
		      (see #04115)
 08h	DWORD	(ret) pointer to internal status structure
---command 07h---
 04h	DWORD	(ret) size of file in bytes
 08h	WORD	(ret) first cluster number
---command 08h---
 04h	BYTE	(ret) swapped drive (0-based)
---commands 09h,0Bh,0Ch---
 04h	WORD	(call) cluster
---commands 0Dh,0Eh---
 04h	DWORD	(call) first logical sector to transfer
 08h	WORD	(call) number of logical sectors to transfer
 0Ah	DWORD	(call) pointer to buffer
---command 0Fh---
 04h	WORD	(call) temporary buffer area
---command 10h---
 no additional parameters

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