Values for TI Professional PC scan/character codes:
 Scan	Key	Normal	Shift	Ctrl	Alt	Notes
 00h	  -- unused
 01h	F5	3F00h	5800h	6200h	6C00h
 02h	F6	4000h	5900h	6300h	6D00h
 03h	F7	4100h	5A00h	6400h	6E00h
 04h	F8	4200h	5B00h	6500h	6F00h
 05h	F9	4300h	5C00h	6600h	7000h
 06h	F10	4400h	5D00h	6700h	7100h
 07h	F11	4500h	0800h	0A00h	0C00h
 08h	F12	4600h	0900h	0B00h	0D00h
 09h	1 !	0031h	0021h	----	7800h
 0Ah	2 @	0032h	0040h	0300h	7900h
 0Bh	3 #	0033h	0023h	----	7A00h
 0Ch	4 $	0034h	0024h	----	7B00h
 0Dh	5 %	0035h	0025h	----	7C00h
 0Eh	6 ^	0036h	005Eh	001Eh	7D00h
 0Fh	7 &	0037h	0026h	----	7E00h
 10h	8 *	0038h	002Ah	----	7F00h
 11h	9 (	0039h	0028h	----	8000h
 12h	0 )	0030h	0029h	----	8100h
 13h	- _	002Dh	005Fh	001Fh	8200h
 14h	= +	003Dh	002Bh	----	8300h
 15h BACK SPACE 0008h	0008h	007Fh	----
 16h	` ~	0060h	007Eh	----	----
 17h	NUM =	003Dh	003Dh	003Dh	8C00h
 18h	NUM +	002Bh	002Bh	002Bh	8D00h
 19h   NUM SPAC	0020h	0020h	0020h	8E00h
 1Ah   NUM TAB	0009h	0F00h	0009h	8F00h
 1Bh	NUM 1	0031h	0031h	0031h	(alt-###)	[Note 5]
 1Ch	(unused)
 1Dh	NUM 0	0030h	0030h	0030h	(alt-###)	[Note 5]
 1Eh  NUM ENTER	000Dh	000Dh	000Dh	----
 1Fh	NUM 4	0034h	0034h	0034h	(alt-###)	[Note 5]
 20h	NUM 5	0035h	0035h	0035h	(alt-###)	[Note 5]
 21h	NUM 9	0039h	0039h	0039h	(alt-###)	[Note 5]
 22h	NUM -	002Dh	002Dh	002Dh	----
 23h	NUM 2	0032h	0032h	0032h	(alt-###)	[Note 5]
 24h-26h  -- unused
 27h	NUM 7	0037h	0037h	0037h	(alt-###)	[Note 5]
 28h	NUM 8	0038h	0038h	0038h	(alt-###)	[Note 5]
 29h	NUM 6	0036h	0036h	0036h	(alt-###)	[Note 5]
 2Ah	NUM ,	002Ch	002Ch	002Ch	----
 2Bh	NUM 3	0033h	0033h	0033h	(alt-###)	[Note 5]
 2Ch	NUM .	002Eh	002Eh	002Eh	----
 2Dh	PRINT	7200h	[Note2]	----	----	[Notes 1,2]
 2Eh   RtArrow	4D00h	8A00h	7400h	4E00h
 2Fh	INS	5200h	2800h	2900h	2A00h	[Note 1]
 30h	DEL	5300h	3800h	3900h	3A00h	[Note 1]
 31h	TAB	0009h	0F00h	0009h	----
 32h	Q	0071h	0051h	0011h	1000h
 33h	W	0077h	0057h	0017h	1100h
 34h	E	0065h	0045h	0005h	1200h
 35h	R	0072h	0052h	0012h	1300h
 36h	T	0074h	0054h	0014h	1400h
 37h	Y	0079h	0059h	0019h	1500h
 38h	U	0075h	0055h	0015h	1600h
 39h	I	0069h	0049h	0009h	1700h
 3Ah	O	006Fh	004Fh	000Fh	1800h
 3Bh	P	0070h	0050h	0010h	1900h
 3Ch	[ {	005Bh	007Bh	001Bh	----
 3Dh	] }	005Dh	007Dh	001Dh	----
 3Eh  LINE FEED	000Ah	000Ah	7500h	4F00h
 3Fh  BRK/PAUS	[Note3]	[Note4]	----	----	[Notes 1,3,4]
 40h  UpArrow	4800h	8800h	8400h	4900h
 41h	ESC	001Bh	001Bh	001Bh	----
 42h	A	0061h	0041h	0001h	1E00h
 43h	S	0073h	0053h	0013h	1F00h
 44h	D	0064h	0044h	0004h	2000h
 45h	F	0066h	0046h	0006h	2100h
 46h	G	0067h	0047h	0007h	2200h
 47h	H	0068h	0048h	0008h	2300h
 48h	J	006Ah	004Ah	000Ah	2400h
 49h	K	006Bh	004Bh	000Bh	2500h
 4Ah	L	006Ch	004Ch	000Ch	2600h
 4Bh	; :	003Bh	003Ah	----	----
 4Ch	' "	0027h	0022h	----	----
 4Dh	RETURN	000Dh	000Dh	000Dh	----
 4Eh	\ |	005Ch	007Ch	001Ch	----
 4Fh  LeftArrow	4B00h	8B00h	7300h	4C00h
 50h	HOME	4700h	8600h	7700h	8500h
 51h  Space Bar	0020h	0020h	0020h	0020h
 52h	Z	007Ah	005Ah	001Ah	2C00h
 53h	X	0078h	0058h	0018h	2D00h
 54h	C	0063h	0043h	0003h	2E00h
 55h	V	0076h	0056h	0016h	2F00h
 56h	B	0062h	0042h	0002h	3000h
 57h	N	006Eh	004Eh	000Eh	3100h
 58h	M	006Dh	004Dh	000Dh	3200h
 59h	, <	002Ch	003Ch	----	----
 5Ah  PRINT	7200h	[Note2]	----	----	[Notes 1,2]
 5Bh	. >	002Eh	003Eh	----	----
 5Ch	/ ?	002Fh	003Fh	----	----
 5Dh	(unused)
 5Eh	DEL	5300h	3800h	3900h	3A00h	[Note 1]
 5Fh	INS	5200h	2800h	2900h	2A00h	[Note 1]
 60h  DownArrow	5000h	8900h	7600h	5100h
 61h-63h  -- unused
 64h  BRK/PAUS	[Note3]	[Note4]	----	----	[Notes 1,3,4]
 65h	F1	3B00h	5400h	5E00h	6800h
 66h	F2	3C00h	5500h	5F00h	6900h
 67h	F3	3D00h	5600h	6000h	6A00h
 68h	F4	3E00h	5700h	6100h	6B00h
 69h-6Fh  -- unused
Notes:	[1] four of the keys can have differing scan codes, depending on the
	  actual keyboard; the BIOS accepts either scan code ("normal": 2Fh,
	  30h, 5Ah, 64h; "alternate": 2Dh,3Fh,5Eh,5Fh) for any of these keys
	[2] Shift-Print invokes INT 5E for a screen dump; the PRTSCRN.DEV
	  device driver also supports Alt-Print, Ctrl-Print, Shift-Alt-Print,
	  and Shift-Ctrl-Print for dumping graphics in various permutations
	[3] BRK/PAUS invokes INT 5C for a pause, then stuffs 0100h into the
	  keyboard buffer
	[4] Shift-BRK/PAUS invokes INT 5D for the Break, then stuffs 0000h
	  into the keyboard buffer; MS-DOS hooks INT 5D to keep the 0000h from
	  appearing in the keyboard buffer
	[5] on the TI Pro, one enters an arbitrary character slightly
	  differently than on a standard PC: exactly three numberpad digits
	  must be pressed (using leading zeros for codes less than 100), and
	  the key for the requested code is inserted into the keyboard buffer
	  immediately on pressing the third key.  The Alt key may be released
	  and re-pressed arbitrarily often between digits without affecting
	  the Alt-digit-digit-digit sequence.
	scan codes with bit 7 set are not key releases, but rather
	  auto-repeated keystrokes, which the BIOS only places into the
	  keyboard buffer if the buffer is empty at the time (thus avoiding
	  typeahead of repeated keystrokes faster than they can be processed)
SeeAlso: #00006 at INT 09