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Table 1714

Format of LAN Manager wksta_info_0 structure:
Offset	Size	Description	)
 00h	WORD	 reserved (0)
 02h	DWORD	 reserved (0)
 06h	DWORD	 -> path to computer's LANMAN directory
 0Ah	DWORD	 -> computername of the workstation
 0Eh	DWORD	 -> username of user logged onto workstation
 12h	DWORD	 -> domain to which workstation belongs
 16h	WORD	 LAN Manager version number (2 bytes, Major, Minor)
 18h	DWORD	 reserved (0)
 1Ch	WORD	 number of seconds workstation waits for resource availability
 1Eh	DWORD	 delay (in millsecs) before sending data to resource
 22h	WORD	 reserved (0)
 24h	WORD	 reserved (0)
 26h	WORD	 ???
 28h	WORD	 number of seconds to maintain an inactive connection
 2Ah	WORD	 number of seconds an inactive search continues
 2Ch	WORD	 threads to dedicate to network (not supported in MSDOS)
 2Eh	WORD	 number of simultaneous commands sent to network
 30h	WORD	 reserved6 (must be 0)
 32h	WORD	 number of internal buffers
 34h	WORD	 size (in bytes) of each internal buffer
 36h	WORD	 max size (in bytes) of an internal cache buffer (not MSDOS)
 38h	WORD	 seconds before disconnecting inactive session (not MSDOS)
 3Ah	WORD	 size (in bytes) of an internal error buffer (not MSDOS)
 3Ch	WORD	 number of clients that can receive alert messages (not MSDOS)
 3Eh	WORD	 number of services that can be started on workstation
 40h	WORD	 max size (in kilobytes) of error log (not MSDOS)
 42h	WORD	 number of secs before closing inactive print jobs (not MSDOS)
 44h	WORD	 number of character buffers for workstation
 46h	WORD	 max size (in bytes) of character buffer
 48h	DWORD	 -> name of server that validated logon
 4Ch	DWORD	 -> workstation heuristics
 50h	WORD	 number of mailslots allowed
Note:	pointers to strings are set to 0000h:0000h if there is insufficient
	  space in the buffer to hold them
SeeAlso: #01715,#01716

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