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Table 3713

Values for DECnet DOS Data Link Layer status:
 00h	successful
 01h	hardware failed to initialize
 02h	channel state was not off (must be off to execute that command)
 03h	channel state is off (must be on to execute that command)
 04h	address not set
 05h	hardware missing
 06h	buffer too small
 07h	no more buffers available
 08h	no more resources available
 09h	promiscuous receiver active
 0Ah	non exclusive
 0Bh	unrecognized portal
 0Ch	protocol type in use
 0Dh	not a valid Multicast address
 0Eh	outstanding calls
 0Fh	hardware doesn't support receiving bad frames
 10h	none outstanding
 11h	no events
 12h	broken
 13h	buffer quota exceeded
 14h	already initialized
 15h	loopback failure
Index:	error codes;DECnet DOS|DECnet DOS;error codes

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