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Table 2512

Format of NetWare "Get LAN Configuration" reply buffer:
Offset	Size	Description	)
 00h	DWORD	current server time
 04h	BYTE	vconsole version
 05h	BYTE	vconsole revision
 06h	WORD	reserved
 08h	BYTE	driver configuration major version
 09h	BYTE	driver configuration minor version
 0Ah  6 BYTEs	driver node address
 10h	WORD	driver mode flags
 12h	WORD	driver board number
 14h	WORD	driver board instance
 16h	DWORD	driver maximum size
 1Ah	DWORD	driver maximum receive size
 1Eh	DWORD	driver receive size
 22h  3 DWORDs	reserved
 2Eh	WORD	driver card ID
 30h	WORD	driver transport time
 32h	DWORD	driver source routing
 36h	WORD	driver line speed
 38h	WORD	driver reserved
 3Ah	BYTE	driver major version
 3Bh	BYTE	driver minor version
 3Ch	WORD	driver flags
 3Eh	WORD	driver send retries
 40h	DWORD	driver link
 44h	WORD	driver sharing flags
 46h	WORD	driver slot
 48h  4 WORDs	driver I/O port and lengths
 50h	DWORD	driver memory decode 0
 54h	WORD	driver length 0
 56h	DWORD	driver memory decode 1
 5Ah	WORD	driver length 1
 5Ch  2 BYTEs	driver's interrupts
 5Eh  2 BYTEs	driver's DMA usage
 60h 18 BYTEs	driver's logical name
 72h 14 BYTEs	driver I/O reserved
 80h 128 BYTEs	driver card name
100h 40 BYTEs	driver media type
128h 180 BYTEs	driver custom variables
SeeAlso: #02511

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