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Table 411

Format of one entry of ABIOS Initialization Table:
Offset	Size	Description	)
 00h	WORD	device ID (see #00412)
 02h	WORD	number of Logical IDs
 04h	WORD	Device Block length (zero for ABIOS patch or extension)
 06h	DWORD	-> init routine for Device Block and Function Transfer Table
 0Ah	WORD	request block length
 0Ch	WORD	Function Transfer Table length (zero for a patch)
 0Eh	WORD	Data Pointers length (in Common Data Area)
 10h	BYTE	secondary device ID (hardware level this ABIOS ver supports)
 11h	BYTE	revision (device driver revision level this ABIOS supports)
 12h  6 BYTEs	reserved

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