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Table 2611

Values DOS 3.30+ FASTOPEN entry point is called with:
	AL = 01h  Lookup
	    CX = ??? seems to be offset
	    DI = ??? seems to be offset
	    SI = offset in DOS DS of filename
	AL = 02h  insert file into FASTOPEN cache
	AL = 03h  delete file from FASTOPEN cache
	    SI = offset in DOS DS of filename
	AL = 04h  purge FASTOPEN cache
	    AH = subfunction (00h,01h,02h)
	    ES:DI -> ???
	    CX = ??? (subfunctions 01h and 02h only)
Returns: CF set on error or not installed
Note: function 03h calls function 01h first
SeeAlso: #02612,#02613

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