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Table 1511

Format of Novell DOS 7 - DR-DOS 7.03 EMM386.EXE state record:
Offset	Size	Description	)
 00h	WORD	signature EDC0h
 02h 12 BYTEs	(ret) bitmap for include range
 0Eh 12 BYTEs	(ret) bitmap for auto range
 1Ah 12 BYTEs	(ret) bitmap for BIOS range
 26h 12 BYTEs	(ret) bitmap for ROM range
 32h 12 BYTEs	(ret) bitmap for map range
Note:	each bitmap covers the upper-memory address range A000h-FFFFh, where
	  offset X bit B within the bitmap indicates the state of the 4K page
	  starting at segment A000h + (8X + B) * 100h

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