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Table 4109

Format of DRFAT32 Geometry Table:
Offset	Size	Description	)
 00h 8*59 BYTEs	eight DRFAT32 partition data tables (see #04110)
 1D8h	BYTE	DRFAT32 access flags (see #04111)
 1D9h	BYTE	DRFAT32 status flags (see #04112)
Note:	This is the table layout used by DRFAT32.SYS 1.00 which supports up
	  to 8 sub-units. The layout of this table and its records may change,
	  so the version indicator in the device driver's signature ("FAT320")
	  and the size of the public data structure should be checked first.
SeeAlso: #04108

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